Here’s the skinny on Jobshost

Jobshost is an innovative employment search engine that matches qualified candidates with prospective employers who are looking to hire people with specific sets of skills and interests. In order to better pair job-seekers with suitable employment opportunities, Jobshost employs cutting-edge machine learning and algorithmic improvements over standard job-search engines. By creating a profile and uploading their resumes to Jobshost, job-seekers can get tailored suggestions for open positions that match their interests, education, and work history. All users need to do to begin using Jobshost is create a profile and submit their resumes. After a user creates a profile on Jobshost, the platform uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning technology to match them with appropriate employment opportunities based on their unique set of skills, experience, and interests. Job-seekers can also independently peruse open positions and submit their resumes for consideration. Jobshost is useful for businesses because it allows them to find qualified applicants who are a good fit for their open positions. Jobshost uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to match employers with job-seeking applicants who possess the requisite expertise. With this change, businesses can streamline their recruitment efforts.

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