Eyeliner That Lasts For About Two Years

During a sabbatical cum vacation to the United States, an Investment Banker had the idea for The BrowMaster. Ashmi Singhai, the brains behind The BrowMaster and the youngest Diamond qualified Trainer in the world, is the first Indian to become a qualified Gold Board Member at the American Academy of Micropigmentation. As a Computer Science Engineer with expertise in both finance and thebrowmaster, Ashmi is a valuable member of any team. For more than a decade, she worked as an executive in the Financial Planning branch of a multinational investment bank’s London headquarters until she was bitten by the thebrowmaster bug.There are essentially two distinct ways to use permanent eyeliner. To begin, does the tight-line also go by the name Lashline Enhancement, referring to the process of applying pigment in between the lash layers to deepen the lash line in a way that is not too obvious? This enhancement method is best for those who like a subtler, more natural-looking appearance for the line above their eyes, since the line is thinner than that of an eyeliner.Next, there’s eyeliner, which is “a step above” the tightline. When applied inside and above the lash line, it may be as thick as two lines of eyeliner. It is the artist’s responsibility to consult with the customer and take into consideration their individual face structure while deciding on the appropriate size and form of the eyeliner.

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